At Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine, we are committed to relieving your pain and restoring your health.  Within our clinic we offer a combination of Physical Therapy treatments for sports injuries, auto accidents injuries, post-surgical injuries, and everyday aches and pains that affect muscles, nerves, and joints.

We take a three-fold approach with a hands-on aspect in caring for our patients:

  • We begin by determining why you are experiencing pain or discomfort.
  • Next, we focus on fixing the cause of the problem.
  • Finally, we’ll teach you ways to strengthen your body to alleviate further issues.

We work closely with your primary care doctor and other local community health care providers to give you unparalleled service.  We also collaboratively work with a medical team of orthopaedic surgeons and pain management doctors to guarantee the best possible outcome.

At Austin Preferred we are committed to delivering high quality, efficient and comprehensive treatment in a compassionate and caring environment.  Unlike most pain clinics, our professionals work together as a team to ensure each patient the most effective Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy.