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Nicole Griffis

Nicole Griffis

Nicole Griffis

Nicole Griffis, HNP, APRN-BC

Nicole Griffis, HNP, APRN-BC, is originally from El Paso, Texas. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Arizona and subsequently worked as a Registered Nurse for eight years. Nicole then obtained Masters degrees in Adult Health Nursing and Holistic Medicine from New York University in 2007. Since that time, she has worked in Community Clinic and Women’s Health settings.

Nicole has also pursued training in Functional Nutrition, Yoga and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction. She believes lifestyle and nutrition choices are key components of disease prevention and health optimization. Nicole’s desire to work with patients to find the best integrative approach for their health goals resonates with the philosophy at Austin Preferred.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys cooking, live music, hiking, biking, yoga and playing piano. She now resides in East Austin, Texas with her husband, son and beloved Labradoodle.

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