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Radhika Nayak

Radhika Nayak

Radhika NayakRadhika Nayak, FNP-C

Radhika received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Austin in 2004. She worked as an RN for five years with a focus on emergency medicine, both in Austin and in the heart of downtown Chicago at a Level I trauma center. After gaining extensive experience with hospital-based patient care, she continued her education to receive her Master of Science in Nursing and the Family Nurse Practitioner certification at UT Austin.

After graduation, she gained broad expertise in treating a variety of acute and chronic illnesses and injuries in a family practice setting. Later, she moved into pain management, specializing in treating patients with chronic pain and improving their quality of life. This combination of her background in family practice and pain management has inspired her to provide more holistic and integrative care to her patients in the area of physical medicine, with an emphasis on health promotion, improving functionality and preventing complications. Using her in-depth medical knowledge and her skills with medical procedures such as trigger point and joint injections, along with providing nutritional and wellness counseling to patients of all backgrounds, she aspires to improve and maintain health of people in the community.

Radhika is a loyal UT Longhorns football fan after having spent many years studying at her alma mater. Having grown up in India, she speaks English, Hindi, and Gujarati. In her free time she enjoys photography, painting, cooking – and most of all spending time with her husband and their three year old son Kabir.

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