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Back Braces

Back Braces for Lower Back Pain

Back Braces

Around the site of a lower back injury, the muscles can become overworked as they tighten to prevent further damage. This can cause muscle spasms, pain and instability in the area. The medical providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine commonly prescribe back braces to relieve lower back pain by providing support and stability. This can significantly improve functional status while reducing the need for prescription drugs and/or surgery.

Back Braces are typically prescribed in conjunction with Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care at Austin Preferred. New patients will first need to undergo an evaluation with our medical providers, who will then create a personalized treatment plan. Furthermore, our staff will demonstrate the proper application techniques if back braces are recommended as part of your treatment. Braces provide relief for lower back pain related to common conditions including:

Lower Back Pain:

Back braces are covered by health insurance and Medicare. Moreover, they are also available at our self-pay rates.

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