Trigger Point Technology

At Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine, we utilize Trigger Point Technology for anyone who wishes to bring self -massage into their home to aid in the relief or prevention of aches and pains. This includes all active bodies and even office workers. Dr. Fluitt helps patients by using Trigger Point Technology in the clinic as well as teaching patients how to preform trigger point exercises on their own at home.

Any stress on muscles can cause damage. Stress can be from too much weight, like a laundry basket, or overworking the muscles without proper rest. Muscles can also become fatigued when sitting in front of a computer or working around the house. To massage the muscles and help counteract the stress on muscles, Dr. Fluitt suggests using trigger point exercises often.

Trigger point therapy applies pressure to key areas of the body to release tension and bring blood flow to the area. Traditionally trigger point therapy is performed by a provider on a patient. Here at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine, Dr. Fluitt will perform a full evaluation and determine what areas of the body trigger point therapy will be most effective.  The patient will then be instructed on how to properly perform trigger point using balls and foam rollers.

By using proper trigger point techniques, the patient is able to apply pressure to the affect muscle by using either a ball of foam roller. Once the pressure is applied and the user takes a deep breath, the trigger point of the targeted muscle is forced to relax, and the spasm is relieved. When preforming trigger point exercises, three to five minutes of pressure within each muscle group is all that is needed. This method is recommended before and after workouts and races and prior to stretching. Massage the body within the home and it will only enhance performance during training, racing and everyday life.