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29 million Americans are diabetic, 79 million Americans are pre-diabetic! The number of those affected by diabetes has tripled since the 80’s and is expected to triple again by 2030. This is truly frightening! Responsibility for your health must be taken to treat this horrible disease. Research shows that only 3-5% of diabetes is genetic. This means the other 95-97% of diabetics is acquired.

Diabetes is a serious disease that must be treated quickly. Unfortunately the early signs of diabetes can be subtle. Symptoms include hunger, fatigue, blurred vision, dry mouth, itchy skin and having to pee more often. The onset of diabetes often-time comes with a higher-than-normal sugar intake which is extremely common in the U.S. Diabetes is an epidemic in this country and it is important that you get tested for diabetes and regulate your disease.

Type 2 diabetes may not be an insulin issue. In fact, your problem is most likely a cellular problem. This means that the insulin receptors on your cells have become resistant to insulin.

When this is the case you must re-sensitize your insulin receptors. While this may seem like an odd concept, it is only odd because we are so used to thinking in a certain way. Giving yourself more insulin when it is the receptor’s issue only helps pharmaceutical companies and not you!

Every aspect of your health and life-style affects each other. Diabetes is a terrible condition that no one should have to suffer through. At Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine we work with you so that you can turn your life around and gain a healthy life-style!

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