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Knee Program

Knee Program

Knee Program

Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine strives to provide patients with an array of options for addressing knee pain. Due to the complex nature of the knee, certain techniques produce better results than others for different conditions. The Knee Program at Austin Preferred combines traditional treatment modalities with more advanced options as we look to produce the best results for your individual case.

Our approach is centered around creating personalized treatment plans for each patient after receiving their input during an initial evaluation. The Knee Program at Austin Preferred focuses on restoring health and functionality to the body, rather than merely treating pain. Patients have already experienced a range of positive outcomes through this program, including the avoidance of surgery and the use of prescription drugs.

Knee Program Components:


The medical providers at Austin Preferred understand the active lifestyle of many of our patients in the Austin, Texas area. It is for this reason that we strive to work with each patient to create effective, efficient treatment plans. Please contact us if we can help you overcome your knee pain, or explore our Conditions page for information on the conditions we commonly treat.

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