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Millions of Americans deal with head pain each day. There are numerous possible causes behind these ailments, but they generally fall into two separate categories: tension headaches and migraines. Migraines are the more severe of the two, often lasting for extended periods of time while resulting in nausea, sensitivity to light and other environmental factors. Tension headaches are shorter in duration and typically result from abnormalities in the neck, sinus inflammation, dehydration and other causes. Regardless of the cause and classification of head pain, it’s symptoms can make everyday life much more difficult. 

Treatment for Headaches:

The providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine determine the sources of head pain before treating it effectively and efficiently. In order to recommend proper treatment techniques, patients will initially come in for an initial evaluation with our staff. Next, the patient will receive a customized treatment plan, often consisting of a combination of modalities. Techniques used to treat headaches include:


Health insurance covers some of the services listed here, while others are only available at the self pay rate. Moreover, we offer free consultations for some modalities used to treat head pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is causing my headaches?

A: Headaches can arise from many different external stimuli in addition to mechanical issues in the neck and back. Because every case is different, our providers would need to evaluate your condition before determining the cause of your issues.

Q: What is the best treatment option for my head pain?

A: Austin Preferred offers multiple treatment techniques for head pain. Because every case is different, the best options will be discussed after an evaluation with our staff. 

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