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Back Pain

Back Pain Relief

Back Pain

Back issues can manifest themselves in many ways. Pain or numbness in the back and legs, trouble sleeping and stress reactions are only some of the symptoms. Unfortunately for many who suffer from back pain and spinal issues, the source of the ailment almost always goes undiagnosed. An accurate diagnosis and the proper treatment recommendations are paramount in providing back pain relief. This can also help prevent recurring issues from surfacing in the future.

The medical providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine work closely with each patient to achieve positive outcomes. Patients will first come in for a thorough initial evaluation before receiving a customized treatment plan. Treatment for back pain usually consist of a combination of Chiropractic care, Manual Therapy and Physical Therapy. While Austin Preferred generally recommends holistic, non-invasive techniques for treating back pain, our providers can also recommend alternative techniques. These options include:

Back Pain Relief:


Back pain relief is of the utmost importance, but Austin Preferred also seeks to treat the underlying cause(s) of the issue as well. Lingering back problems can have a wide range of effects on personal and professional life. Because of this, we strive to eliminate the source of the problem and strengthen the surrounding structures to prevent future injury. This integrated approach has made us a preferred location for back pain relief in Austin, Texas.

Many of the services mentioned are covered by health insurance and Medicare. Moreover, those that are not covered are available at our reasonable self pay rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know what is causing my back pain?

A: Our medical providers will assess your condition during a thorough initial evaluation. Moreover, you will receive a customized treatment plan and begin treatment the same day.

Q: How much will my treatment cost?

A: Patients using health insurance will pay a copay or coinsurance. We also accept Letters of Protection, Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Protection. Furthermore, we provide reasonable self pay prices for patients without coverage.

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