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Knee Pain

Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain

Per research, knee pain is the second-most common cause of chronic pain. The knee is comprised of bones which are separated by discs and connected through several ligaments, tendons and muscles. These tissues can become damaged by injuries or underlying degenerative conditions such as Arthritis. Moreover, changes in gate, Tendinitis and Bursitis are some other common causes of knee pain. The joint’s importance to one’s mobility and livelihood makes knee pain relief of the utmost importance.

Due complexity of the knee, proper examination and diagnoses are paramount in curing knee pain. The providers at Austin Preferred believe input from the patient is crucial in creating effective, efficient plans of care. Because of this, we have every new patient in for a thorough initial evaluation prior to beginning treatment. Our medical providers will then design a customized rehabilitation plan. This approach has helped achieve great results for those seeking knee pain relief in Austin, Texas.

Because everyone responds differently to treatment, Austin Preferred offers a variety of options. Common techniques for treating knee pain include:

Knee Pain Relief:


Treatment plans vary in length and intensity based on the diagnosis, but our providers commonly make adjustments based on the patient’s response. Health insurance covers some of the modalities listed here, while others are only available at our reasonable self pay rates. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know what is causing the pain in my knee(s)?

A: Our medical providers put each new patient through a thorough initial evaluation before diagnosing the condition and designing a personalized treatment plan.

Q: Does my health insurance cover treatment options for knee pain?

A: Knee Braces, Physical Therapy and Knee Injections are covered by insurance, while Laser Therapy, Knee Traction and Platelet Rich Plasma are self pay services.

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