Physical Therapy, Medical Services & Chiropractic in Austin, Texas



Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine provides Chiropractic care, Holistic Medicine and Physical Therapy in Austin, Texas. Our medical providers work closely with each patient to generate a personalized treatment plan suited to their specific needs. This integrated approach centers around relieving pain and optimizing wellness by restoring functionality to the body. Many services are covered by insurance, while others are available at our reasonable self-pay rates. We also offer free consultations for some services.


Integrative Medicine Services

Chiropractic Care

Laser Therapy


Holistic Medicine

Manual Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma

Knee Program

Physical Therapy

Call (512) 442-2727 with questions or to schedule an appointment at our office, located in South Austin. Moreover, you can refer to our Conditions page for more information on treatment at our practice.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know which services are right for my condition?

A: New patients first undergo a thorough evaluation with our medical providers, who will then discuss all potential treatment options.

Q: What if the services I desire aren’t covered by health insurance?

A: We offer reasonable self pay prices for all services not covered by health insurance.

Q: Do I need a referral prior to receiving treatment?

A: All Physical Therapy patients will need a referral from a physician prior to treatment. Our providers can write referral’s internally. Some Chiropractic and Medical patients need referrals as well, depending on the insurance carrier and plan.