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Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

Millions of people — including many in the Austin, Texas area — engage in a daily struggle with allergies. Dozens of uncomfortable symptoms make everyday life more challenging, impacting even the most routine activities. Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine strives to provide comprehensive treatment plans for our patients. Offering Allergy Testing and in-house Immunotherapy treatment allows our medical providers to further enhance patients’ quality of life.

Because every allergy sufferer experiences unique symptoms and responses to medication, customized treatment is the most efficient and effective way to combat them. Allergy Testing at Austin Preferred is a five-step process:

Evaluation, Testing & Treatment

  1. Patient will first discuss their symptoms with a medical provider before testing and discussion of results
  2. Technician will then devise the Immunotherapy treatment plan and schedule future appointments between the patient and provider
  3. Patient will visit the provider for the first three rounds of treatment while learning to self-administer treatment
  4. Patient continues treatment at home while seeing provider for occasional appointments
  5. Provider will consult with patient to discuss continuation of treatment plan


Allergy Testing at Austin Preferred helps patients identify symptoms and reactions that are unique to their body, while providing the proper medication to combat them. Customized Immunotherapy solutions significantly decrease symptoms 6-12 months after the start of treatment. Many patients experience few, if any, allergy symptoms after two years of consistent IT treatment. Furthermore, teaching patients to self-administer treatment increases the likelihood of compliance and continued effectiveness.

We are currently accepting new and current patients for testing. Call (512) 442-2727 or submit your contact details via the form at the right side of the page for more information. Patients interested in allergy testing can print off and fill out the following form to submit allergy symptoms to our medical providers:

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