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Blood Panels

Blood Panels

Blood Panels

The medical providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine strive to provide comprehensive treatment plans for our patients. This includes the ability to test for and diagnose specific conditions to aid in doing so. Austin Preferred offers Blood Panels for assessing the body’s natural processes and scanning for specific conditions. You may request the entire wellness panel or individual panels focusing on specific areas.

Blood Panels at Austin Preferred:

  • Hematology panels evaluate blood for conditions including anemia, infection and platelet disorders
  • Metabolic panels examine electrolyte levels as well as liver and kidney function
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment panels include cholesterol and diabetes
  • Hormone panels help identify thyroid and other possible endocrine disorders
  • Food and environmental allergy panels
  • Additional tests include Celiac, H. Pylori and Autoimmune panels

Those interested in Blood Panels should call (512) 442-2727 to schedule and evaluation with the medical providers at Austin Preferred. For a list of other diagnostic tests offered at our South Austin, Texas facility, please see our Services page.

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