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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Jeff Fluitt oversees the Chiropractic care at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine. Dr. Fluitt is trained to treat numerous conditions related to neck, joint and back pain, as well as headaches. Dr. Fluitt is also full-body certified in the Active Release Technique and the Graston Technique, in addition to the Fascial Distortion Model. The healthcare providers at Austin Preferred work with patients on an individual basis to create customized treatment plans. This approach, which focuses on relieving pain and optimizing wellness while restoring functionality to the body, makes Dr. Fluitt one of the most trusted Chiropractors in Austin, Texas.

Chiropractic Treatment:

You will receive a full Chiropractic evaluation during your first visit with Dr. Fluitt and staff. This typically includes testing, referrals to diagnostic imaging, and other diagnostic procedures to determine the most effective course of treatment.  You will then receive a personalized treatment plan consisting of a combination of:


Chiropractic treatment at Austin Preferred is covered by most major health insurance carriers. We also work with patients under Letter of Protection, Personal Injury Protection and Workers’ Compensation. Spinal adjustments alone are available for $50, while Manual Therapy costs $80 at our self pay rates.

Call (512) 442-2727 for more information or to schedule an appointment at our South Austin office. You can also refer to our Services and Conditions pages for more information on treatment at Austin Preferred.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I choose Dr. Fluitt for my Chiropractic care?

A: Dr. Fluitt is different from many other Chiropractors in Austin in that he creates effective, efficient treatment plans designed to eliminate the cause of your neck, back and/or joint pain. Rather than recommending patients come in for upwards of 20 appointments, he strives to cure the problem quickly over the course of a handful of visits, while incorporating Physical Therapy and Manual Therapy techniques to strengthen the surrounding structures and sustain positive results.

Q: I’ve been to other Chiropractors in the past. How will my treatment at Austin Preferred be different?

A: Dr. Fluitt and the other providers at Austin Preferred create customized treatment plans for each individual patient, based on input from your initial evaluation. Each treatment plan is totally unique to the patient’s condition while focusing on their rehabilitative goals. 

Q: Does health insurance cover my Chiropractic treatment?

A: Most major health insurance plans cover Chiropractic treatment. Additionally, Dr. Fluitt works with patients under Letter of Protection, Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury Protection. Austin Preferred also offers reasonable self pay prices for patients without coverage. 

Learn why we are considered a top provider for Integrative Medicine in Austin!

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