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Genetic Nutrition Testing

Genetic Nutrition Testing

Genetic Nutrition Testing

Have you ever wondered why dieting or the supplements you’re taking don’t have the desired effect? Per research, up to 75% of people have significant genetic variations in prominent nutritional metabolism pathways. This can alter the way the body absorbs certain food components.¬†Genetic nutrition testing can help identify these variations so our medical providers can design personalized plans for improving wellness. Our track record of utilizing these helpful tests makes Austin Preferred a premier destination for genetic nutrition testing in Austin, Texas.

Genetic Nutrition Testing:

The patient simply needs to provide a cheek swab, which we will send off for analysis. The swab will provide the advanced lab with enough DNA to access the genes and receive a complete diagnostic panel. Patients will go over the results with the holistic medical provider at Austin Preferred, usually just 7-10 business days after the sample is sent off. Using these insights, the patient and provider can discuss potentially beneficial diet, supplement and lifestyle changes.

The amount of effort required pales in comparison to the potential benefits of undergoing genetic nutrition testing. We encourage those interested in this form of testing to call (512) 442-2727 today to schedule an appointment.

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