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Holistic Medical Care

Holistic Medical Care

Holistic Medical Care

Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine typically recommends non-invasive, therapeutic forms of treatment whenever possible. However, our medical providers realize that some cases call for direct approaches. It is for this reason that Nicole Griffis, HNP, APRN-BC, provides Holistic Medical Care, which often complements Chiropractic and Physical Therapy treatments at our practice. Furthermore, we believe that this integrated approach, which yields personalized treatment plans for each case, allows us to improve the wellness of our patients to an optimal degree.

Holistic Medical Care:


The list above does not represent the entirety of the Holistic Medical care available at Austin Preferred. Some of these services are covered by health insurance, while others are available through our reasonable self-pay rates. To ask questions or to schedule an evaluation at our South Austin, Texas location, call (512) 442-2727.

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