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Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivity is an adverse response to certain substances in the food you eat that is triggered by the immune system. Many people who are under the impression they are suffering from food allergies are actually experiencing food sensitivity. Furthermore, if this is the case, simple modifications to the diet can eliminate bothersome food sensitivity reactions. Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine offers Food Sensitivity Testing to empower patients with information they can use to live their best life.

Testing Options:

Austin Preferred provides patients with multiple options to choose from for Food Sensitivity Testing, including 96-food and 184-food panels. These panels vary in depth and test for the most common foods likely to trigger sensitivity reactions. Additionally, component food allergen panels and additive/exposure profiles are also available upon request.

Patients interested in Food Sensitivity Testing should submit their information through the blue form to the right, or call (512) 442-2727. You will see our holistic medical provider, who will determine you candidacy for Food Sensitivity Testing during an initial consultation.

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