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MiRx Migraine Treatment

MiRx Migraine Treatment

MiRx Migraine Treatment

Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine offers MiRx Migraine Treatment to provide relief to patients suffering from headaches, facial pain and head pain. This treatment protocol consists of physical and medical components that work in conjunction to identify the sources of headaches and treat them accordingly.

A Two-Step Approach:

An initial consultation with our medical providers will determine whether MiRx Migraine Treatment is an appropriate option. If so, a nasal applicator will be prescribed to deliver medication directly into the nasal cavity. This medication targets a nerve cluster within the nasal cavity that contributes to head pain.

The physical component of the protocol involves testing to identify the patient’s triggers. Migraine triggers can include stress, dietary changes, hormone changes, lack of sleep and other environmental stimuli. Identifying triggers can facilitate lifestyle changes that reduce the likelihood of future occurrences.

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