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MiRx Migraine Treatment

MiRx Migraine Treatment

MiRx Migraine Treatment

At Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine, we offer MiRx migraine treatment. This treatment is  designed to alleviate headaches as well as facial and head pain. There are two primary components to the MiRx protocol:


The medical component of MiRx migraine treatment uses diagnostics to find the origin of your pain and to determine if the treatment may be effective for your personal case.
After the initial exam, if it is determined the MiRx migraine treatment may be beneficial for you, our providers will prepare you to quickly find ease from your headache and pain. The procedures targets a nerve cluster within the nasal cavity using a specialized FDA cleared nasal applicator to directly deliver the medication to the nerve cluster.


The physical component of the protocol will be able to determine your test results and give feedback to find the imbalances that are contributing to your headaches which are also known as triggers. Triggers can range from stress, changes in the diet, hormone changes and even lack of sleep.
If you are experiencing any sort of headache or migraine, come in for a consultation and speak with our providers.

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