Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Austin TX

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Our clinic is unique in that offers a wide-variety of services to all of our patients. What makes us stand out even more is our Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). SFMA is a series of specific body movement tests designed to assess fundamental patterns of movement associated with musculo-skeletal pain. Our expert clinicians can identify meaningful impairments which contribute to a disability known as Regional Inter-Dependence.

What is SFMA?

Selective Functional Movement Assessment includes adequate posture, muscle performance, motor control and even balance reaction. We determine this by a series of functional movement patterns comprised separate pain-free.

The SFMA serves to efficiently integrate the concepts of muscle-balance which provides feedback for the clinician to distinguish the effectiveness of the therapeutic exercise program prescribed. The SFMA is an essential and critical component to our expert healthcare practitioners which helps them understand the relationship between body segments and how impairment in one region may adversely affect function to another body region.

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