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Selective Functional Movement Assessment is a series of tests designed to assess patterns of movement related to musculoskeletal pain. SFMA identifies impairments related to Regional Interdependence, which identifies relationships between pain in remote locations and the primary medical complaint. This diagnostic tool provides information which helps our medical providers identify the most efficient, effective course of treatment.

SFMA examines the patient’s posturing, muscle performance, motor control and balance reaction through a series of movement patterns. Seven full-body movement tests are scored and totaled up to provide objective results. The primary ranking factors include pain level, range of motion and stability. SFMA can help identify underlying conditions related to:

SFMA Identifies:


SFMA resonates with Austin Preferred’s approach, which centers around relieving pain by restoring health and functionality to the body. It is particularly useful to people suffering from chronic pain, athletes looking to optimize performance or those taking preventive measures. Not yet recognized by health insurance, Austin Preferred offers this service at our reasonable self pay prices.

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