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Spinal Adjustments

Spinal Adjustments

Spinal Adjustments

Spinal Adjustments can enhance joint and nerve function while helping to relieve back pain and soreness. There are dozens of different adjustment techniques used by various Chiropractic practices. These generally fall into two categories: Spinal Manipulation, which involves a moderate amount of force, and Spinal Mobilization, which is more gentle.

Benefits of Spinal Adjustments:

Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine uses multiple techniques for Spinal Adjustments, including standard manipulation, Flexion Distraction and the Activator Method. Utilizing multiple techniques allows our providers to choose the best one for each patient’s specific condition. Furthermore, these modalities can help relieve neck and back pain related to a number of medical conditions, commonly including:


Spinal Adjustments can also help facilitate a healthy pregnancy. Due to Dr. Jeff Fluitt’s track record of achieving positive outcomes with a variety of conditions, Austin Preferred has become a preeminent destination for Spinal Adjustments in Austin, Texas. To enhance the effects of adjustments, our providers often combine them with Manual Therapy and Physical Therapy techniques. Chiropractic care is covered by health insurance, but patients may also receive adjustments for $50 at the self pay rate. Self pay prices could vary based on findings from evaluation.

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