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Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid Disorders

The Thyroid Gland helps regulate most major structures throughout the body, affecting the immune system, nervous system, cholesterol production, fat burning and growth hormones. Approximately 30 million Americans are living with thyroid disorders, but roughly 50% of those cases are either under diagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Types of thyroid disorders include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goiters, nodules and cancer. Because of the wide-ranging impact of the thyroid on the body, those affected by these disorders can experience different symptoms. Symptoms include fatigue, weight fluctuation and temperature sensitivity, among others, and can make everyday life more challenging.

Treatment Options:

At Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine, the medical providers seek to discover the root of our patients’ thyroid issues. An accurate diagnosis is achieved through test methods including medical history exams, physical exams, blood testing, image scans and/or biopsy. Our Holistic Medical provider will provide the appropriate medication, if necessary, or refer patients to a specialist for further procedures.

Austin Preferred aspires to improve patients’ quality of life by accurately diagnosing problems before recommending effective, appropriate courses of treatment. Our staff works closely with patients to target the causes of their ailments, rather than merely treating the underlying symptoms.

We recommend visiting the American Thyroid Institute for more information on the causes and symptoms of the various disorders mentioned here. For more information on Austin Preferred’s approach to treatment, please visit our Services page.

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