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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Any stress on the muscles – even stress and fatigue resulting from everyday activities – can cause damage that leads to irritability in certain areas of the body. Trigger Point therapy applies pressure to key segments of the body in order to release tension and bring blood flow back to the area. Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine recommends trigger point therapy regularly so patients may play a role in their own healing process.

Patients will have an initial evaluation with Dr. Jeff Fluitt, at which time they will learn which parts of the body trigger point therapy can address. Next, they will be instructed on how to properly conduct trigger point exercises at home, using balls and foam rollers.  Patients can relieve tension and spasms in sensitive areas by applying pressure for 3-5 minutes for each muscle group.

Offering this technique further illustrates the innovative, holistic approach Austin Preferred takes toward restoring health and functionality in our patients while relieving their pain. Combined with other treatments recommended by our providers, this technique can help patients achieve improved wellness in the long term. This technique also allows patients to sustain results on their own accord.

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