Dr. Martin Aviles

Dr. Martin Aviles

Dr. Martin Aviles originates from the tight-knit community of Natchitoches, Louisiana, where his upbringing instilled in him a passion for aiding others and promoting healthier lifestyles from an early age. He completed his undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, with a focus in Human Performance and Anatomy. Continuing his educational journey, Dr. Aviles furthered his education at Parker University, where he obtained his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2023.

Throughout his chiropractic studies, Dr. Aviles found inspiration in the holistic philosophy of chiropractic medicine, emphasizing the body’s innate capacity to heal itself. Alongside his studies, he pursued certifications in Dry-Needling, Graston Technique, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment. Dr. Aviles holds firm to the belief in addressing the root cause of health issues rather than merely alleviating symptoms. His dedication lies in guiding patients towards achieving optimal health and wellness.

 In his leisure time, Dr. Aviles maintains an active lifestyle, engaging in workouts, hiking, and participating in various sports activities. When not actively involved in sports, he avidly follows sporting events as a spectator. Additionally, he finds joy in traveling to new destinations and exploring different culinary experiences. 

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