About Back Pain

According to research, up to 80 percent of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives.

The spine is comprised of many delicate, interconnected pieces, subjecting it to numerous different types of injuries. Back issues can cause several different symptoms, including referred pain, discomfort in the extremities, trouble sleeping and stress reactions, among others.

Unfortunately for many who suffer from back pain, the source of the irritation almost always goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. An accurate diagnosis and proper treatment are crucial components of back pain relief. This can also help prevent recurring issues from surfacing in the future.

The providers at Austin Preferred take an integrated approach to back pain relief in Austin, using multiple modalities to help patients find relief. 

Our Back Pain Treatment

The goal of our approach is to relieve pain while restoring health and function to the body, rather than recommending surgery or prescription drugs.

Each new patient will first come in for a thorough initial evaluation before receiving a customized treatment plan. Because every case is different, we use a wide array of techniques to treat back pain. This allows our providers to create truly personalized plans of care, unique to each patient’s needs.

We typically use a combination of the following modalities to treat back/spinal complaints:


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