Laser Therapy for Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

Laser Therapy for Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

Approximately 20 million people suffer from some form of Diabetic Neuropathy Pain (DNP), while about 3 million new cases are diagnosed each year. Overall, about 60% of people with diabetes live with discomfort related to DNP. Previously, patients suffering from DNP were mere

Bridge Office Outing

Office Outing with Rocket Electrics

The staff at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine prides itself on helping hundreds of people each week. Patients come in to the office because of chronic or acute medical complaints and often leave feeling much better. Because of our track record of success and patient sat

Non-surgical treatment for herniated discs

Non-Surgical Treatment for Herniated Discs!

Herniated discs are among the most common spinal conditions and often require surgery to repair. Or so we thought... Studies reveal that there is an extremely effective non-surgical treatment for herniated discs: Spinal Decompression. The spinal column is comprised of 33

Dry Needling

Complement Physical Therapy with Dry Needling

Due to the active lifestyles of many people in Austin, Texas, injuries are sometimes hard to avoid. Knee injuries for marathon runners, elbow injuries for golfers and herniated discs from heavy lifting are among the most common medical concerns treated at Austin Preferred In

PRP Treatment in Austin

Benefits of Therapy with Platelet Rich Plasma

Though the human body is a resilient organism, over time, damage from physical stress starts to accumulate. The wear and tear of daily life takes its toll on muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Over time this wear and tear results in small or large tears in the supporti

Thyroid Issues

A Sluggish Thyroid Can Be Sneaky

Hypothyroidism, or the slowing of function in the thyroid gland, is an extremely common condition across the population. It happens more frequently as people age and is typically seen in women more than men. But many forward thinking medical providers believe it is even more

Vitamin Supplements

Are Vitamin Supplements Necessary for Good Health?

Most people are aware that the body needs a diverse set of vitamins and minerals to function properly. Our bodies run via a symphony of chemical processes rapidly occurring every minute to keep everything running smoothly. These constant cellular transactions give us an effi

Wellness Goals

Self-Compassion & Accomplishing Wellness Goals

The start of a new year is the most popular time for people to set personal well goals for self-improvement. Whether you are inherently a goal-setter or not, it is hard not to look at the start of a new year as an opportunity for a fresh start to pursue your inner wish list.

Detoxify and Cleanse

Detoxify and Cleanse

Most of us take the time to clear clutter from our personal spaces on a regular basis. It is so satisfying to have a clean and ordered the garage, closet, refrigerator, or even an office drawer. It gives us a chance to start fresh, think more clearly, and hopefully be more p

Healthy Holidays

Healthy Holidays

The Holidays are upon us along with all the joys of the season. Joys such as seeing family and friends, watching silly movies, giving and receiving gifts, and partaking in all sorts of scrumptious foods and beverages. Sharing homemade treats and sipping spirits with loved on

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