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Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Starting in January 2018, Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine will offer Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy treatment. Millions of Americans struggle with allergy symptoms daily, with Austin, Texas serving as a hotbed for many seasonal allergens. Allergies cause dozens o

Healthy Holidays

Healthy Holidays

The Holidays are upon us along with all the joys of the season. Joys such as seeing family and friends, watching silly movies, giving and receiving gifts, and partaking in all sorts of scrumptious foods and beverages. Sharing homemade treats and sipping spirits with loved on


Get Your Fill of Pumpkin

Who doesn’t love a piping hot pumpkin pie after a big Thanksgiving meal? Even better is a cold slice for breakfast the next morning (if there is any left over, that is). I wish I could tell you that this desert is incredibly nutritious and that you can eat it as much as yo

Healthy Spices

Healthy Spices Add More Than Flavor

Following a meal plan of whole foods without processed ingredients makes shopping simpler, once you become accustomed to making healthy choices. You can skip most of the grocery aisles that are crammed with processed foods like snack bars, heavy sauces and boxed dinners. Jus


Is Turmeric Worthy of the Hype?

By: Nicole Griffis, HNP, APRN-BC Turmeric is a beautiful, fragrant spice used in many Indian dishes. It has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years. Thanks to attention from modern researchers, it has been spicing up health headlines with increasing frequency

Stress Relief

Five-Minute Stress Relievers

As you observe your own life's stress and how it affects you, also observe what brings relief to you. What makes you feel lighter, looser, and more clear-minded? Exercise, fresh air, hugs from family or friends, and laughter are all accessible, healthy sources of joy and str

Curtailing Cravings

Curtailing Cravings

By eliminating all sugars from your diet, you are taking a huge step in the fight against unhealthy cravings. A healthy diet maintains a steady blood sugar level which, in turn, should curb your perceived needs for sweets and empty calories. Nonetheless, cravings can be psyc

Train Your Brain for a Healthy Lifestyle

Train Your Brain for a Healthy Lifestyle

Getting healthier is all in your head! Our relationship to food and to eating has everything to do with the stories we tell ourselves about food and eating. These stories are made up of beliefs we have held for many years, creating cyclical thought patterns that keep us in a

Wellness Tips for Dining Out

Wellness Tips for Dining Out

Eating out is America’s real favorite past time, isn’t it? Having a good meal out with friends or family can be emotionally nourishing, but not always nutritious or healthy. During your detox phase, it's probably just easier to not eat out - but if you find yourself at a

Dry Needling at Austin Preferred

Pinpointing Pain Sources with Dry Needling

Dry Needling at Austin Preferred is a treatment technique offered in two variations through Physical Therapists Alicia Poche and Kristin Jarrett. During this invasive modality, needles are inserted into the skin and muscles at myofascial trigger points to target contraction