Chiropractic Treatment

Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine is popular among those searching for a holistic Chiropractor in Austin due to our track record of helping patients overcome back pain and related symptoms.

Dr. Jeffrey Fluitt directs the corrective Chiropractic care at Austin Preferred. He has the ability to treat numerous conditions related to back, neck, and joint pain as well as headaches. Dr. Fluitt is also full-body certified in the  Active Release Technique , the  Graston Technique , and the Fascial Distortion Model . His approach, which focuses on relieving pain while restoring function to the body, makes Dr. Fluitt a top Austin Chiropractor.

Chiropractic Consultation

Our Chiropractic team first has each new patient in for a consultation. During this initial appointment, Dr. Fluitt and his colleagues will thoroughly assess the patient’s condition to reach an accurate diagnosis. It is at this appointment that any necessary diagnostic studies will be ordered.

Next, each patient will receive a personalized care plan designed to meet their specific needs. The goal of our approach is to relieve pain naturally without prescription drugs and surgery, which can take a significant toll on the body. We also strive to strengthen the structures around the spine in order to protect it from future damage. Our holistic chiropractors in Austin create plans which typically include some combination of the following modalities.


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