Cold Laser Therapy

What Is Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is an advanced, effective option used to decrease inflammation and enhance healing for soft-tissue injuries. It serves as an excellent complement to ChiropracticManual Therapy, and Physical Therapy treatment. Combining these modalities with our integrated approach has helped many patients achieve positive outcomes. This track record of success makes our practice a popular choice for Laser Therapy in Austin.

Benefits of Using Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is valued for its ability to speed up the healing of soft tissue injuries without discomfort. It is a quick, non-invasive method that complements various therapeutic treatments, enhancing their effectiveness.

The laser converts light into biomechanical energy, which helps promote healing in the bodily tissues.

The benefits of this modality include tissue regeneration and cell stimulation in addition to reduced pain, inflammation, and swelling. There are no unpleasant hot or cold sensations during treatment, which we can perform on virtually any part of the body.

Sessions typically last 15 minutes per body part. Although some patients experience immediate relief, we usually recommend a series of treatments to produce the best results for most conditions. 

This therapy is particularly suited for patients seeking efficient recovery solutions within their busy schedules.

What It Treats

Austin Preferred’s Laser therapy in Austin can help treat many common conditions, including but not limited to:


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