Free Consultations

Free Consultations in Austin for Stem Cell Therapy

Free Consultations

The healthcare providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine use an integrated approach to create personalized treatment plans for each patient. This approach centers around relieving pain while restoring health and functionality to the body, rather than recommending prescription drugs or surgery. Because each case is different, we offer patients a wide range of services to help them achieve rehabilitative goals. We feel this allows our providers to create plans of care that are truly personalized to each patient’s specific needs. Moreover, it allows them additional flexibility when modifying treatment plans for the best results.

Free Consultations in Austin

While health insurances cover many of the treatment options at Austin Preferred, some are only available at the self-pay rate. We offer free consultations for these self-pay services, which include:

Free consultations at Austin Preferred typically last around 15 minutes. You will discuss treatment options with one of our providers, who will then determine the best approach for your specific case. If you don’t receive treatment the same day, we will schedule your first appointment at that time.

Call (512) 442-2727 with questions or to schedule a free consultation at our Westlake clinic. You can also visit our Services and Conditions pages for more information on treatment at Austin Preferred. Furthermore, we will simply reach out to you if you use the link below to fill out our new patient paperwork. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need health insurance for a consultation?

A: We do not collect health insurance information for free consultations in Austin.

Q: Will I receive treatment after my consultation?

A: Some patients receive treatment directly after a free consultation, depending on the availability of our providers and the desired modality.

Q: How long will my free consultation last?

A: Free consultations typically last about 15 minutes, although times can vary depending on the services being discussed.

Q: Which services do you offer free consultations for?

A: In addition to free consultations for Regenerative Medicine, we also offer them for Knee Traction, Laser Therapy, Spinal Decompression, and Weight Loss. 

Learn why we are among the leaders in Integrative Medicine in Austin.

Call (512) 442-2727 with questions about the services we offer, or to schedule an appointment at our South Austin clinic.
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