What Is Dry Needling?

Myofascial trigger points are among the leading causes of muscle pain and disability. These knots tend to form when muscles become tense due to stress, overuse or other factors. Their failure to release can perpetuate the pain cycle, which often leads to tension, inflammation, and referred pain.

Dry Needling prompts these trigger points
to release by inserting small needles into the tissues, which helps to create a local twitch response. This often relieves pain and inflammation in the soft tissues while improving range of motion.

Because of our providers’ track record of success using this modality, Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine is a popular choice for Dry Needling in Austin.

What It Treats

Dry Needling has broad applicability and can be used to treat pain in many areas of the body. It typically helps patients find relief in the form of an increased range of motion, decreased pain and inflammation, improved circulation and restored functionality. In fact, its effectiveness has made it one of the most popular modalities offered at our practice.

The providers at Austin Preferred use this modality to successfully treat many different conditions, including (but not limited to):

Dry Needling is most effective when combined with other physical medicine options. Consequently, our providers usually incorporate it into traditional

Physical Therapy
plans of care. However, some patients elect for dry needling as a standalone option.


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