Fascial Distortion Model (FDM)

What is FDM(Fascial Distortion Model)?

The Fascial Distortion Model is a manual therapy approach designed to improve the quality of movement and decrease pain.

This manual therapy technique encourages the physical therapist to consider fascial tissues above and beyond muscle when addressing common clinical presentations. It focuses on restoring normal tissue tension levels with the manual techniques that involve lubricous gliding strokes, stretching, and compression.

What It Treats

Its goal is to restore optimal joint function, balance muscles around a joint, and increase range of motion. With this specific manual technique, providers can offer relief for a variety of acute and chronic conditions including kinesiological imbalances, tendonitisbursitissciatica, and more.

In our Chiropractic Practice in Austin, we use methods like FDM and traditional physical therapies, based on your specific needs.


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