Herniated Disc

About Herniated Discs

The spinal column consists of 33 vertebrae separated by discs, which serve as shock absorbers. These discs have a rubber-like outer band that protects the gel-like nucleus. Herniated Discs occur when part of the nucleus of a spinal disc pushes through a fissure in the exterior.

Also known as slipped discs or ruptured discs, disc herniations can affect both the cervical (neck) and lumbar (back) regions of the spine. Herniations can arise from multiple causes, including degenerative disease, trauma to the back or neck, sports injuries
and improper bending or lifting. People injured in auto accidents
or with physically-demanding jobs commonly experience this type of injury.

This can cause back pain
or referred pain, numbness, tingling, Sciatica
and muscle weakness, and other symptoms. Moreover, these symptoms are not always immediate, which can make the condition difficult to self-diagnose. The healthcare providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine first reach a proper diagnosis during a thorough evaluation before creating personalized care plans for Herniated Disc treatment in Austin.

Our Herniated Disc Treatment

Because different cases respond better to different treatment modalities, Austin Preferred offers an array of options for creating and fulfilling a personalized Herniated Disc care plan. This allows our providers to tailor treatment plans to each patient’s needs. The goal of our approach is to treat Herniated Discs in Austin effectively and efficiently without surgery or prescription drugs.

Treatment plans for this condition commonly include a combination of:

Our providers use patient feedback to adjust treatment plans and willingly accommodate patients with specific requests. 


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