Knee Braces Treatment

Knee braces are an effective way to treat moderate to severe knee pain safely and effectively without drugs or surgery. They do this by reducing pressure on the knee while providing support and stability. Furthermore, because some of these knee braces can even be worn under clothing, they can allow people to resume an active lifestyle with reduced pain and swelling.

Knee braces, which cause virtually no negative side effects, can provide immediate relief by redistributing pressure within the knee. This allows the joint to properly heal and recover while the brace provides support and stability. A simple yet effective solution, knee braces can allow people to resume an active lifestyle while dealing with conditions like Osteoarthritis or Tendinitis, among others. Moreover, braces can also help patients attain better long-term results from physical medicine and rehab treatment.

For patients receiving custom knee braces, our staff will demonstrate the proper way to apply and fit the device.


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