Lubricating Knee Injections

The knee is the largest joint in the body, consisting of multiple bones, ligaments, and muscles. Knee pain results from degenerative conditions , acute injuries or even changes in gait. This often leads to fatigue in the surrounding muscles, which reduces support and adds pressure on the knee. Moreover, conditions like Osteoarthritis can result in discomfort due to decreased cartilage levels. In some cases, individuals suffer knee pain from multiple causes, making it even more difficult to find lasting relief. 

While the providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine typically recommend non-invasive, therapeutic treatment, some conditions call for more direct approaches. It is for this reason that we offer alternative options, including injections for knee pain in Austin. Knee injections help relieve pain more quickly than other approaches by alleviating bone-on-bone rubbing, which allows the patient to engage in everyday activities with less pain and inflammation. For those engaging in physical medicine and rehabilitation programs, this relief can allow them to adhere to treatment more effectively. 

Knee injections deliver lubricating fluid into the knee, relieving pain and inflammation caused by bone-on-bone rubbing. The procedure is quite simple and lasts only a few minutes. As a result, some patients experience relief after the first injection which can last for up to six months. These injections are usually repeated at planned intervals for the best results. Our providers usually offer knee injections alongside traditional Physical Therapy treatment. However, some patients find enough relief to stop other forms of therapy. Furthermore, this approach to treating knee pain help people delay knee surgery in some cases. 


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