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Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve in the lower back becomes compressed. This condition often stems from Herniated Discs, Bone Spurs, Spinal Stenosis and degenerative diseases like Osteoarthritis, among others. Tingling or numbness in the extremities, muscle weakness, loss of mobility and trouble sleeping can occur as a result. This condition has a profound effect on everyday life, making routine tasks difficult due to uncomfortable symptoms. As such, correct diagnoses and effective treatment are especially important.

The providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine work closely with each patient to identify the root cause of the condition. Our team believes patient input is key in developing the most effective, efficient treatment plans. This approach has made us a trusted location for treating Sciatica in Austin, Texas. After a thorough initial evaluation, patients will begin a personalized treatment plan. Treatment plans for this condition typically consists of multiple options, including:

Sciatica Treatment Options:


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long after beginning treatment will my Sciatica symptoms begin to subside?

A: While each diagnosis is different, most patients experience significant relief after 4-6 weeks of treatment.

Q: Are Sciatica treatment options covered by insurance?

A: The majority of Sciatica treatment options offered at Austin Preferred are covered by insurance, while the others are available at our reasonable self pay prices.

Q: How do I know my numbness or tingling is related to Sciatica?

A: There are numerous causes of numbness and/or tingling in the extremities. As a result, our medical providers will need to determine the causes of your symptoms during an initial evaluation.

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