About Neck Pain

The neck, or cervical spine
, is a complex structure that can have a large impact on health and vitality. The neck is comprised of seven vertebrae that support the head along with numerous muscles, nerves, and arteries.

Because many delicate structures are located in one small area, neck pain can stem from a number of causes. Old injuries, which can stem traumatic events like auto accidents
or falls, are some of the most common sources of neck pain. Herniated discs
and spinal stenosis
are two more common causes, among many others. With so many factors involved, a proper diagnosis and effective treatment are imperative to relieving neck pain. This is especially true considering that effective, efficient care can prevent issues from resurfacing in the future.

The providers at Austin Preferred take an integrative approach to neck relief pain in Austin, using multiple modalities to help patients find relief. 

Our Neck Pain Treatment

The goal of this approach is to relieve pain while restoring health and function to the body, rather than recommending prescription drugs or surgery.

Because virtually every case of neck pain is different, we first have each new patient in for an initial evaluation before moving forward with treatment. Austin Preferred offers several treatment modalities for neck pain relief. This allows our providers to create truly personalized plans of care unique to each patient’s needs.

Treatment plans for neck pain typically include some combination of the following:

Treatment plans can vary in length and frequency, based on the patient’s condition and diagnosis.


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