Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

What Is PRP Treatment

Bodily tissues can degenerate over time from everyday wear or lifestyle choices like diet and exercise. Further, injuries or conditions like  Osteoarthritis can become painful as the body struggles to cope without its full complement of tissues. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) uses the body’s own natural healing properties to reverse the effects of degeneration by repairing damaged tissue.

This procedure resonates with our integrated approach of relieving pain naturally while restoring health and function to the body. It is for this reason that we offer PRP treatment in Austin as a complement to other natural pain-relieving modalities. This allows our Physical Medicine and Rehab providers to achieve great results for patients who require a multi-faceted treatment plan.

Platelet Rich Plasma injections are growing in popularity among healthcare providers for several reasons. First and foremost, PRP can significantly enhance healing for many soft-tissue conditions without introducing foreign substances into the body. For injuries of this nature which sometimes require surgery, PRP can delay or even end the need for an operation. Moreover, the quick and simple nature of the procedure makes it repeatable as needed to produce the best results.

Although Platelet Rich Plasma can enhance healing for many different medical issues, it is not right for everyone. As such, we have each prospective patient in for a consultation with our providers to discuss their options. If the patient elects for PRP, we will provide pre-injection instructions and schedule an appointment date. The appointment itself is relatively simple for the patient and begins with a standard blood draw. Once our Medical provider prepares the serum in our laboratory, she will inject it into the designated site. The procedure itself is quick, virtually painless, and can produce significant results with just one injection. However, some cases call for a series of injections for the best results. 

What It Treats

PRP treatment can also safely ease pain from many common injuries and conditions, including (but not limited to):


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