Complement Physical Therapy with Dry Needling

Due to the active lifestyles of many people in Austin, Texas, injuries are sometimes hard to avoid. Knee injuries for marathon runners, elbow injuries for golfers and herniated discs from heavy lifting are among the most common medical concerns treated at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine. Even people who don’t live especially active lives still commonly suffer from auto accident injuries, work-related injuries and degenerative conditions.

Regimented Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and Manual Therapy treatments remain the best long-term solutions for issues of this nature. While these approaches produce cumulative results, sometimes an added dimension is necessary to produce short-term pain relief.

Dry Needling is increasing in popularity due to the oftentimes immediate effects it produces. Patients rave about improved range of motion in addition to reduced inflammation, tension and soreness in the soft tissues.

This is a simple yet precise treatment, involving strategic insertion of fine needles into sites of myofascial pain. The needles create an inflammatory reaction within the body that stimulates healing. In the past, our providers have recommended Dry Needling for patients dealing with:

Dry Needling Helps:

Because Dry Needling stimulates the body’s natural healing response, it is applicable to many other conditions besides those listed above. Like the other modalities mentioned, it doesn’t always produce immediate effects. However, the rate of patient satisfaction associated with Dry Needling is quite high and continues to climb. Over the last 60 days, 100% of patients reported positive outcomes from adding this technique to their plan of care.

Dry Needling is offered by a Physical Therapist and therefore requires a PT referral prior to treatment. For help obtaining a referral or to set up an appointment, call (512) 442-2727. You may also visit our Services and Conditions pages to learn more about treatment at our South Austin office.

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