Five-Minute Stress Relievers

As you observe your own life’s stress and how it affects you, also observe what brings relief to you. What makes you feel lighter, looser, and more clear-minded? Exercise, fresh air, hugs from family or friends, and laughter are all accessible, healthy sources of joy and stress relief. Deep belly breathing is something we all have access to that has an immediate effect on our nervous systems and stress hormones. The beneficial effect of deep breathing meditation is dose dependent — the longer the meditation session, the more calming results seen in brain function according to multiple studies. However, five minutes of deep belly breathing is enough to initiate these changes, so take time to relieve yourself of the effects of stress. Here are a few other ideas for quick stress relievers:

  1. Deep Breathing: breathe into your belly for four seconds, hold for four, breathe out slowly for four seconds. Repeat for five minutes. Over time you may increase to five, six, or seven-second breaths. The benefits of this exercise cannot be overemphasized.
  2. Shake it off: get up and shake every part of yourself! Your head, arms, legs, fingers, toes, hips, and knees. Set a timer and go wild! End with a few stretches with your arms over head. Then simply stand and notice the difference in how you feel all over.
  3. Energy Burst: if you have the right footwear and are in good health, then exert yourself to the fullest for five full minutes. Run as fast as you can, jump as high as you can, whatever exercise you have access to. This exertion will burn up stress hormones quickly and efficiently.
  4. Visualization: lie down and go on vacation. Immerse yourself by imagining a peaceful place close to your heart, imagine it with all your senses. Try to stay still and breathe deeply and slowly to enhance the effect.
  5. Progressive Relaxation: lie down and start tensing your muscle groups one by one starting with your feet and moving up your body until you reach your face. Clench each area for about three seconds and then release them wholeheartedly. By the time you reach your head your whole body should be noticeably more relaxed.

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