Laser Therapy for Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

Approximately 20 million people suffer from some form of Diabetic Neuropathy Pain (DNP), while about 3 million new cases are diagnosed each year. Overall, about 60% of people with diabetes live with discomfort related to DNP. Previously, patients suffering from DNP were merely prescribed drugs to help them cope with the pain. The effectiveness of these drugs is underwhelming, with less than half of patients reporting only a 30-40% reduction in pain. Luckily, there is a new option: laser therapy for diabetic neuropathy pain. 

Laser Therapy for Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

High blood sugar can cause diabetic neuropathy, which damages the nerves that send signals to and from your hands and feet. In addition to numbness and tingling in the extremities, people with this condition also experience pain ranging from aching to burning. The pain comes and goes for some, but many also suffer chronic pain related to diabetic neuropathy. This discomfort can have a profound impact on everyday life, making even the most routine activities more difficult. 

Laser therapy uses light energy to promote healing in the bodily tissues. The light soothes the soft tissues, resulting in reduced pain, inflammation and swelling. There are no uncomfortable sensations during treatment and sessions usually last around 15 minutes per body part. This effective option has up to 90% efficacy for treating musculoskeletal pain and is used to treat numerous conditions in addition to DNP. Furthermore, doctors report better results for reducing DNP with laser therapy, as opposed to prescription drugs alone.  

Austin preferred has already treated numerous patients with laser therapy. It serves as an excellent complement to Physical Therapy or Chiropractic treatment plans and is popular as a standalone option as well. Moreover, we offer free consultations for patients who are interested in the healing powers of the laser. 

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