Office Outing with Rocket Electrics

Highlights in this blog:

  1. Team Spirit on Two Wheels: At Austin Preferred, teamwork fuels everything we do. Our recent outing with Rocket Electrics showcased our dedication to unity and fun as we explored Austin’s vibrant streets.
  2. Unwinding Austin Style: From North Italia’s delectable dishes to the thrill of motorized bike tours, our team found the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure in the heart of our city.
  3. Beyond the Office Walls: Our outings aren’t just about fun; they’re about fostering wellness and connection outside the clinic. Join us as we continue to strengthen bonds and embrace the spirit of Austin.

The staff at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine prides itself on helping hundreds of people each week. Patients come in to the office because of chronic or acute medical complaints and often leave feeling much better. Because of our track record of success and patient satisfaction, Austin Preferred has become a top choice for Physical Therapy, Holistic Medicine and Chiropractic in Austin, Texas. Maintaining this level of service requires a great deal of teamwork. Consequently, we arrange an office outing several times per year for team members to bond away from work.

Given that Austin Preferred is extremely health and wellness oriented, we try to plan our outings accordingly. This one was no different, as the Fluitts generously surprised the staff with a fun evening riding around town with Rocket Electrics.

Office Outing: North Italia

This past Friday, we first gathered at North Italia in downtown Austin to relax after another busy week. With the collection of personalities we have, there is never any shortage of conversation or laughter at the table. After unwinding with some delicious food and hydrating for our next activity, it was time to hit the trail. We snapped the following photo on the way out:

Chiropractic care in Austin - North Italia Office Outing

Rocket Electrics

Next, we meandered a few blocks down the street to Rocket Electrics. Those who are unfamiliar with RE are missing out, as they provide guided tours of the city’s historical sites on motorized bicycles. After getting fitted for our bikes and a quick explanation of the controls, it was time to roll out. But not before we documented our progress with another photo:

Rocket Electrics Office Outing

Once we navigated our way out of the immediate downtown area, we found ourselves on the trail. Everyone got up to speed more quickly than expected, but the Texas heat was pretty intense. This prompted our guide to make plenty of stops, which we all appreciated. Along the way, we learned a little bit about the Pfluger Pedestrian & Bike Bridge, the Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial, the South Congress Bat Bridge and the abundant wildlife in the area.

Office Outing River

With another tremendous office outing in the books, the staff came back energized and in good spirits. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our evening out and stay tuned for more information on Austin Preferred!

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