Some Double Tips for Headache Relief

A headache, when it strikes, is not very pleasant to contend with. It may strike you on a daily basis when you get up or it might be sudden and/or severe. For example, imagine a situation where you have taken your kid outside with plans of a full-fledged picnic just for the two of you. The plan, along with the overjoyed child, may be spoilt because your headache strikes just as you are ready to leave.

There can be innumerable such situations in which headache can disrupt your daily life. The best solution in this condition would be to avoid it in the first place. It can be done by following a few simple steps:

Maintaining a headache diary:

Maintain a headache diary and see what triggers your headache. In some people, noise might be the causative factor while in others it may be an excess of caffeine. So observe what triggers your headache and then avoid that.

Avoiding tobacco or any kind of smoke:

Avoid tobacco or anything to do with it. Smoking is not only injurious to health but it may trigger very bad headaches in those susceptible to smoke.

Taking proper meals:

Have your proper meals at regular intervals of time. Do not skip meals.

Sleeping right:

Go to bed at a proper time each night and try to secure at least eight hours of sleep. However, don’t overdo it as oversleeping is also bad. It is sometimes oversleeping, which may lead to a headache.

Avoiding the sun:

Too much of sun can also give you a headache. So try to avoid going out under a very harsh sun.

Keeping hydrated at all times:

Keep yourself hydrated at all times by having plenty of water and fluids, especially when you are under the sun. Dehydration can also lead to a very bad headache.

Taking alcohol in moderation:

Alcohol causes headaches in several people. So, try to avoid alcohol in the first place.

Avoiding too tight hairstyles:

Women, beware!! Do not wear your hair too tightly in ponytails as that may lead to a tension-type headache.

Keeping your feet warm:

Keep your feet warm, especially during the winters. You can do this by keeping your feet covered. There is no harm in even wearing your socks to bed.

Applying hot and cold packs:

You can use heat and cold to your advantage. With some people, it is the application of a cold pack which gives them relief whereas with others, hot showers and massages. See what works for you and use it.

Letting in enough natural air:

The excess of artificial lighting can trigger a headache in susceptible individuals. See if you are letting in enough natural air and sunshine. Do not subject yourself to stuffy atmospheres and conditions.

Going for regular checkups:

Be under the regular supervision of a doctor and avoid taking medicines on your own. A regular checkup will help you identify a problem at its onset and you could then arrest it effectively.

Leading a healthy lifestyle:

Try to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Avoiding Stress:

Although stress is a part and parcel of every day modern living, do try to minimize it.

These steps would help you arrest your headaches even before they begin. So follow these steps and take good care of yourself.

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