Regenerative Treatments

How Does the Treatment Work?

As people age, everyday wear and tear take a significant toll on the body. Tissues degenerate over time, causing many uncomfortable symptoms including pain, inflammation, and instability, among others. While physical medicine strengthens the body, some conditions are simply too treat with these modalities alone. Physicians can mask the symptoms with medication or devices, but these options don’t eliminate the cause of the issue. While many painful conditions were previously only treated with surgery, other options are now available.

This treatment is an emerging alternative in the field of Regenerative Medicine Treatments that actually regenerates damaged tissues. This can provide lasting relief for many painful conditions without prescription drugs or operations. Regenerative Medicine Treatment can dramatically enhance the healing process by introducing allografts rich in growth factors and proteins to damaged tissues. These cells differentiate and recruit other healing properties to the area, serving as a scaffold to help the tissues regenerate. Most notably, the versatile mesenchymal stromal cells in these allografts can help heal injured muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bone.

Providers can perform Regenerative Treatment using several different types of tissue. These include bone marrow, adipose (fat) tissue, and donated umbilical cord cells. Austin Preferred only uses tissues donated from healthy C-section deliveries to FDA-regulated tissue banks in the United States. We store these top-of-the-line products in liquid nitrogen, which preserves the cells’ regenerative properties. This technique is creating intrigue within the healthcare industry because of its broad applicability. In addition to its current use for many musculoskeletal injuries, the treatments have also shown positive results in tests for treating certain types of cancers, blood diseases, strokes, and diabetes, to name a few.

This modality is especially attractive to some because of its lower cost and shorter recovery period when compared to surgical procedures. Consequently, we offer Regenerative Medicine Treatments in Austin for patients interested in exploring alternative medicine options for addressing painful conditions. While the procedure itself is quick and is rarely painful, it can produce excellent, long-term healing and pain relief. Although this treatment can enhance healing for a wide array of issues, our providers do not recommend it for everyone. 

What It Treats

This treatment has a wide range of applications and can effectively treat:


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