Rehab Services

What is Rehab Services?

While surgical procedures last for just a matter of hours, and some injuries occur in just matter of seconds, the physical rehabilitation afterward is a much longer process. Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine’s staff has extensive experience in helping patients recover from surgery using a natural, holistic approach. 

In addition to aiding in the recovery process, we also strive to decrease reliance on prescription drugs using therapeutic techniques. Our track record of positive outcomes makes us a popular option for physical medicine and rehabilitation in Austin.

About Our Rehab Services

The healthcare providers at Austin Preferred are trained in several physical medicine and rehab techniques. Our staff has assisted countless patients in the rehabilitation process after a wide array of surgical procedures, including (but not limited to):

The above list doesn’t reflect the full spectrum of surgical procedures our staff treats patients for. We also treat patients who have suffered serious injuries, including sports injuries, that didn’t require surgery.

Treatment plans will vary in length and frequency based on the body part and complexity of the injury or surgical procedure. Treatment plans can vary based on a number of factors, including the body part involved and the complexity of the procedure. 

Rehabilitation typically combines Physical Therapy with Chiropractic care, Manual Therapy, and Holistic Medical services. Further, we also offer more advanced techniques including Stem Cell TherapyPlatelet Rich Plasma, and Laser Therapy. The array of services available at Austin Preferred allows our providers to create truly personalized care plans unique to each patient’s specific needs.


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