Scoliosis Treatment

About Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that often develops during adolescence. It is one of the most common spinal conditions among young people, with roughly 3 million new cases diagnosed each year. This condition can result from nerve or muscle issues, birth defects that alter development, or spine injuries. It also affects the older population at a much higher rate, with as many as seven in 10 people over the age of 60 experiencing symptoms.

While Scoliosis is only life-threatening in rare cases, its symptoms can make everyday life difficult to manage. Common symptoms of this condition include back pain , uneven shoulders or hips, limited range of motion and trouble breathing related to damage to the organs within the chest.

The providers at Austin Preferred use an integrative approach to Scoliosis treatment in Austin, designing personalized plans of care suited to each patient’s unique needs. 

Our Scoliosis Treatment

There are varying states of Scoliosis which depend on the patient’s gender and maturity as well as the location, pattern, and severity of the spine’s curvature.

Because each case is different, Austin Preferred uses multiple techniques to manage and treat scoliosis symptoms. This approach has helped our medical providers produce many positive outcomes for patients seeking Scoliosis treatment in Austin. Treatment plans for this condition often include:

We monitor each patient’s progress throughout treatment and will alter plans of care when necessary. If the patient requires a back brace, our staff will custom order the brace and teach proper application techniques at a follow-up appointment.


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