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Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique

The Active Release Technique is a hands-on massage technique based on soft-tissue movement. Injuries to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves that are related to repetitive stress or trauma, like Tennis Elbow and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, are commonly treated. At Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine, Dr. Jeff Fluitt commonly uses ART to efficient treat these conditions and more. Preliminary studies show that ART is more effective than many conventional treatments for multiple injuries of this nature.

Active Release Technique:

First, patients will come in for an evaluation so our providers may determine whether ART treatment is right for your condition. Active Release treatments are a combination of examination and treatment. The exact site of the injury, type of tissue involved and nature of the injury will be identified and addressed. What differentiates this technique from similar therapies is the active movement of the afflicted area by the patient, while the practitioner maintains firm pressure to break up or release the damaged tissue. The soft tissues will then begin to move again with full function.

The Active Release Technique can lead to significant improvement within 4-5 sessions. Your regimen is also likely to include Physical Therapy to complement the ART. If no improvement is not seen by the fifth session, it is unlikely that the ART will help your injuries. In that case, Dr. Fluitt will readily refer you to the appropriate specialist.

ART is covered by insurance or $80 self-pay when incorporated into the Chiropractic Care package.


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