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Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

The providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine recommend non-invasive, therapeutic forms of treatment whenever possible. However, we also realize that some cases call for more direct approaches. Consequently, we offer a Holistic Medicine component, which complements Chiropractic and Physical Therapy treatment plans at our practice. This often provides patients with more immediate relief while allowing our team to improve wellness to an optimal degree.

This integrated approach, which yields personalized treatment plans for each case, centers around relieving pain while restoring health and function to the body. Our medical staff can administer the following treatments in-office or refer to specialists for services, if necessary. The Holistic Medical services we offer include:

Holistic Medicine Services:


The list above does not represent the entirety of the options available at Austin Preferred. Some of these services are covered by health insurance, while others are available through our reasonable self pay rates. Moreover, we offer free consultations for patients interested in some self pay services.

Call (512) 442-2727 with questions, or to schedule an appointment at our South Austin facility. You may also refer to our Services and Conditions pages for more information on treatment at our practice.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I believe more than one services listed above could help improve my medical condition. What do I do next?

A: Holistic medicine focuses on the patient as a whole while restoring health and functionality to the body. Consequently, each patient’s needs can vary widely from case to case. The easiest way to receive detailed information helpful to your medical condition would be to contact us to set up an evaluation.

Q: Can I receive holistic medial services along with my Chiropractic or Physical Therapy treatment?

A: In the majority of cases, medical services can serve as an excellent complement to physical medicine by helping enhance wellness and/or providing more direct pain relief in problematic areas of the body. 

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