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Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Many people under the impression that they are suffering from food allergies are merely experiencing food sensitivity. Sensitivities usually result from an abnormal response by the body to a food component, which releases immunoglobulins that can cause irritation. Food Sensitivity Testing identifies which substances cause adverse reactions by the body, allowing patients to make proper diet choices. Moreover, the information these tests provide can serve as the starting point for significant, beneficial lifestyle modifications. The providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine have helped many patients enhance their wellness with Food Sensitivity Testing in Austin. 

While physical medicine including Chiropractic and Physical Therapy are the core components of our practice, Food Sensitivity Testing resonates with our holistic approach. This allows our healthcare providers to optimize patients’ wellness to a higher degree. 

Food Sensitivity Testing in Austin

Austin Preferred offers multiple Food Sensitivity Testing options. All tests scan for sensitivities to the most common fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats. Many people are unaware they have sensitivities to these basic food components. This is because symptoms of food sensitivity are sometimes delayed and can take up to 72 hours to appear. For patients looking to delve even deeper, we also offer more comprehensive options. 

Food Sensitivity Testing merely requires a blood sample from the patient. While some patients elect for a standard blood draw, we also offer a finger prick option for those who dislike needles. We will then send the sample off to our laboratory for analysis and results are usually available within 10 business days. We will promptly reach out when the results are ready and schedule an appointment for you to review them with our medical provider. The results provide scientific explanations of the patient’s food sensitivities, which can translate into beneficial diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can Food Sensitivity Testing in Austin benefit me?

A: These tests provide insights that allow patients to make better food and supplement choices as they look to improve or enhance wellness. 

Q: Does health insurance cover Food Sensitivity Testing in Austin?

A: Most major health insurance plans cover these tests. We also have self-pay options available.

Q: How long does it take to get results back?

A: Results are usually available 7-10 business days after we send the sample off. We will then reach out to the patient to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss them.

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