Migraine Treatment

Migraine Treatment

Migraine Treatment

Approximately 45 million people complain of headaches and/or migraines each year. These episodes often cause severe head pain and sensitivity, which can make even the most routine tasks quite difficult. Because every case is different, potential external triggers must be identified before healthcare providers can recommend an effective, efficient treatment. It is for this reason that Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine uses a two-step approach to migraine treatment. This involves identifying the external sources of head pain and eliminating them when possible while treating the physical effects effectively and efficiently. This approach has made us a popular option for migraine treatment in Austin. 

Migraine Treatment in Austin

Because every case is different, patients suffering from migraines in Austin will begin with an evaluation with our healthcare providers. We will then determine whether our migraine relief protocol is a viable option for you. If approved, you will then receive a prescription nasal applicator, which delivers medication into the nasal cavity to provide relief. This medication targets a nerve cluster within the nasal cavity that contributes to head pain. The second component of the protocol involves testing to identify and eliminate external triggers. Migraine triggers can include stress, dietary changes, hormone changes, lack of sleep and other environmental stimuli. Identifying triggers allows our providers to recommend lifestyle changes that reduce the likelihood of future episodes.

Additional measures for headache relief include Dry Needling, Spinal Decompression, and Spinal Adjustments. Some health insurance plans cover these migraine treatment options, which we also offer at the self-pay rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know what is causing my migraines?

A: Although each case is different, a consultation with our healthcare providers can help uncover some of the environmental triggers of head pain. 

Q: Does health insurance cover Migraine Treatment in Austin?

A: Some health insurance plans cover this treatment option, which we also offer at the self-pay rate.

Q: Will Migraine Treatment interfere with the Chiropractic or Physical Therapy I’m receiving?

A: Treatment for migraines will not interfere with any of the physical medicine services you receive at Austin Preferred. If anything, the additional relief should complement the other treatment you receive with our providers.

Q: Why should I choose Austin Preferred for Migraine Treatment in Austin?

A: The healthcare providers at Austin Preferred create customized treatment plans for each patient, meaning they will only recommend the most effective, efficient treatment options for your specific condition. This approach has helped us achieve many positive outcomes for patients suffering from headaches and migraines.

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