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Knee Injections

Knee Injections

Knee Injections

Knee pain can result from degenerative conditions, injuries or even changes in gait. This can result in fatigue in the surrounding muscles, which reduces support and adds pressure on the knee. Osteoarthritis, another common cause of knee pain, may result in discomfort due to decreased cartilage levels. While the medical providers at Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine typically recommend non-invasive, therapeutic treatment, some conditions call for direct approaches, like Knee Injections .

Knee Injections deliver lubricating fluid into the knee, relieving pain and inflammation caused by bone-on-bone rubbing. Patients may experience relief after the first injection that can last for up to six months. This technique is usually recommended in addition to traditional Physical Therapy treatment, although it may also be administered independently. Furthermore, this multi-disciplinary approach can serve as a bridge for patients who are considering knee replacement surgery.

While effective, Knee Injections aren’t always necessary. See our Services page for information on alternative treatment techniques. Call (512) 442-2727 to schedule an evaluation with the medical providers at our office, located in South Austin, Texas.

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