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Knee Injections

Natural Knee Injections

Knee Injections

Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine offers Natural Knee Injections as another non-surgical alternative for relieving knee pain. Pain in the knees can result from degenerative conditions, injuries or even changes in the way you walk. This causes tightness in the surrounding muscles, which results in reduced support and added pressure on the knee. Osteoarthritis, another common cause of knee pain, may result in discomfort due to decreased lubrication fluid within the knee.

At Austin Preferred, our providers use Natural Knee Injections with hyaluronic fluid in addition to physical therapy to relieve pain and strengthen the area, reducing pressure on the knee. Patients can experience improvement after just one injection and results can last for up to six months. Treatments can be repeated as desired. Our multi-faceted approach can also serve as a bridge for patients who are considering knee replacement surgery.

We at Austin Preferred strive to treat the causes of your discomfort, rather than merely relieving your pain. Knee treatment plans can typically last 6-8 weeks but will vary based on each individual’s needs. A successful course of treatment usually results in reduced inflammation, increased range of motion, increased flexibility, increased strength and improved function. This can dramatically increase quality of life for those used to dealing with chronic knee pain.

While effective, knee injections are not always necessary. Contact Austin Preferred today so our providers may determine whether you are a candidate for this course of treatment. Our Services page contains more information on other techniques used at Austin Preferred.

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